TROMP competition schedule & repertoire

A complete overview of the TROMP International Percussion Competition rounds and the required repertoire for applying and participating.

Please note that the schedule and repertoire for the 2020 TROMP competition are still under construction and subject to change. Please check the latest updates from the start of the application in  November 2019.

Application: Preliminary round

A recent, unedited audio recording of a solo live performance consisting of:

  • one work for mallets
  • one work for percussion set-up

The sound recording should be of professional quality and clearly labeling its contents. The recording must be recorded in real time and should not have been edited or altered in any way. The TROMP Board reserves the right to disqualify candidates who have submitted studio enhanced or modified recordings.

Before participants will be selected, applicants must also propose a programme for each round in the online application form.

Please note: During the Competition participants may play each work only once (excluding the preliminary round)

First Round

A performance of max. 20 minutes consisting of:

  • A choice from:
    • Iannis Xenakis – Rebonds A
    • Iannis Xenakis – Rebonds B
    • Kevin Volans – Asanga
  • A work for vibraphone of one’s own choice

Second Round

A performance of a work for marimba by a composer from The Netherlands (max. duration 15 minutes):

  • Louis Andriessen - Woodpecker
  • Jan Bus - Solitude
  • Anthony Fiumara - An Index of Wood (selection of movements)
  • Bart de Kemp - Mama Rimba
  • Dolf de Kinkelder - Touch
  • Ton de Leeuw - Midare
  • Arnold Marinissen Totem I & Totem II
  • Aart Strootman - Solo for marimba
  • Jacob ter Veldhuis - Barracuda (solo version)
  • Sinta Wullur Dukha
  • Yannis Kyriakides - Bee Cult

Other works for marimba by Dutch composers may be proposed, but their performance is subject to approval by the Competition Jury.

Sample scores

Sample scores and order information of this list can be requested by sending an email to

Semi Finals

A recital of max. 45 minutes, containing:

  • a new compulsory work for percussion solo, commissioned by TROMP (score to be distributed by the TROMP office)
  • at least one work for mallets of one’s own choice
  • at least one work for set-up of one’s own choice


A performance consisting of:

  • a new compulsory work for solo percussion and orchestra, commissioned by TROMP (score to be distributed by the TROMP office, duration about 15 minutes)
  • one work for percussion solo of one’s own choice (max. duration 10 minutes)
Commissioned compositions

Our SoundCloud channel features a playlist with competition recordings of laureate performances of the listed works for solo marimba by a composer from The Netherlands:

More info in Article 3 of the Rules & Regulations