Dominique Vleeshouwers, winner of the 2014 competition © Claudia Hansen Photography / TROMP Percussion Eindhoven. All rights reserved.

Alexandre Esperet, winner of the 2012 competition © Claudia Hansen Photography / TROMP Percussion Eindhoven. All rights reserved.

History of winners

2014 | percussion

1st prize: Dominique Vleeshouwers (The Netherlands)
2nd prize: Brandon Ilaw (USA)
3rd Prize: Matthew Penland (USA)
Willem Vos Award: Yung-Tuan Ku (Taiwan)
Press Prize: Dominique Vleeshouwers
Friends of TROMP audience award: Dominique Vleeshouwers
'The Annelie', prize of the youth jury, made available by the Friends of TROMP: Adélaïde Ferrière (France)
Composition prize: Tom Schipper

2012 | percussion

1st prize: Alexandre Esperet (France) | website
2nd prize: Garrett Mendelow (United States of America)
3rd prize: Galdric Subirana (France)
Friends of TROMP Audience Award: Alexandre Esperet (France)
Pressprize: Alexandre Esperet (France)
MCN-Willem Vos Prize: Yu-Ching Wei (Taiwan)
'De Annelie' encouragement award: Sabrina Suk Wai Ma (United Kingdom)
Youth jury award: Garrett Mendelow (United States of America)
Composition prize: Brendan Faegre (United States of America)

2010 | percussion

1st prize: Alexej Gerassimez (Germany) | website
2nd prize: Mike Truesdell (United States of America) | website
3th prize: Vassilena Serafimova (Bulgarije) | website
Public: Alexej Gerassimez
Press: Alexej Gerassimez

2008 | string quartet

1st prize: Heath Quartet (UK/South Africa) | website
2nd prize: Callino Quartet ((Ireland, UK, Austria) | website
3rd prize: Amaryllis Quartet (Germany/Switzerland) | website
Public: Heath Quartet
Press: Amaryllis Quartet
Willem Vos: Heath Quartet

2006 | percussion

1st prize: Yi-ping Yang (Taiwan) | website
2nd prize: Shizuka Seki (Japan)
3rd prize: Ramon Lormans (The Netherlands) | website
Public: Yi-ping Yang
Willem Vos: Shizuka Seki
2004 |
string quartet

1st prize: Quatuor Amedeo Modigliani (France) | website
2nd prize: Rubens Kwartet (The Netherlands) | website
3rd prize: Abraxas Quartett (Germany)
Public: Quatuor Amedeo Modigliani
Willem Vos: Quatuor Amedeo Modigliani

2002 | trumpet

1st prize: Nenad Markovic (Servia)
2nd prize: Andrei Kavalinsky(Belarus)
3rd prize: Tristan Williams (Australia)
Public: Nenad Markovic

2000 |

1st prize: Claire Edwardes (Australia) | website
2nd prize: Niels Meliefste (The Netherlands)
3rd prize: Shinsuke Tshihara (Japan)
Public: Niels Meliefste

1998 | guitar
Johan Fostier | website

1996 | piano

Bart van Roer | website

1994 | saxophone

Simone Otto

1992 | cello

No 1st prize
2nd: Albert Brüggen and Marie Hallynck (Arpae Quartet)

1990 |
Ronald van Spaendonck | website

1988 | oboe/bassoon

Pauline Oostenrijk | website
1986 | piano
Ivo Janssen | website

1984 | flute

No 1st prize
2nd: Marieke Schneemann and Andrea Kollé

1982 | violin

No 1st prize
2nd: Eeva Koskinen (Utrecht String Quartet) and Charlie Wiedern
1980 | piano
1st Prize: Hans Jaszyk
2nd Prize: Marius van Paassen | website 
1978 | clarinet
 Ria Moortgat
1975 | hobo
Hans Meijer
1973 | flute
Ank Mulder
1971 | violin
Emmy Verhey | website