Selfmade Schoolyard Orchestra

A challenging project as part of the Tromp International Percussion Festival. A musical celebration for children, teachers and visitors.

The huge Tromp Homemade Schoolyard Orchestra is a project open to all groups of primary education (including toddlers). It is a musical event that is designed to fit in with the character of the school.

The project will take place at the school and involve the students making music with unusual instruments. A common characteristic of all the instruments used is their accessibility: children do not need any prior musical skills in order to take part. Each group will be given a total of two hours of (music) lessons; first as individual groups and later together with other groups.
In conclusion, all participants will join forces in a schoolyard concert for an audience of parents, neighbours and friends. This will be theatrical in nature and will make use of the possibilities of the specific location.

Music will be made using a variety of totally different instruments. The workshop teachers will provide cement tubs, tuned scaffolding pipes, tuned beer bottles, shakers, tubes and boards. These will be combined with singing, rapping, clapping and stamping.

Children, parents and teachers that can play a ‘real’ instrument such as saxophone or guitar can join in with the ‘Real Instrument Orchestra’. Every child at the school will make their own instrument. The aim of this is to enable children that may never have played music themselves to join together in an impressive presentation for parents, family, friends and acquaintances.

Two workshop teachers will set to work at each school, supported by Fort van de Verbeelding, which presented the community art project Fanfare Dakar Eindhoven in 2010 as part of Tromp.