Muziekgebouw Eindhoven
Photo by Bart Heemskerk

Visit the festival

The concerts and club nights in the festival take place at various locations in Eindhoven. For most concerts,
you need to buy tickets or book in advance at the locations and / or at the Muziekgebouw Eindhoven Ticket Office. Links to online ticket sales and the addresses of the locations can be found in the calendar.

Attending the competition

The TROMP competition takes place at Muziekgebouw Eindhoven. The 1st and 2nd Rounds and Semi Finals are open to the public. You can only enter the hall and take your seat during applause and intermissions between participants. Times and schedules may change until the last moment, so always check the latest updates in the schedules in the calendar.

Tickets for the Finale, which takes place in the Great Hall DLL, are available at the Muziekgebouw Eindhoven Ticket Office. 

Location & route


Located south of the Netherlands, the city is the fifth-largest municipality of the country and the largest in the province of North Brabant. Eindhoven has a thriving economy and is a vital hub of culture and education in the Netherlands. Famed for their public art spaces, modern, open-air installations are a common sight in the city.

Muziekgebouw Eindhoven, host of the competition

Eindhoven is the proud home of one of the finest concert halls in Europe: Muziekgebouw Frits Philips, named after the grandson of the founder of Philips Electronics Netherlands. Today, Muziekgebouw Frits Philips or abbreviated Muziekgebouw Eindhoven, is justifiably regarded as one of the premier European concert halls, attracting the leading musicians of our time.  

Moreover, the concert hall aims to support young musicians to earn their credentials. It is for this reason that Muziekgebouw Eindhoven is happy to co-produce the TROMP International Percussion Competition Eindhoven as it is one way of realising this objective.

The ambience and excellent acoustics have made Muziekgebouw Eindhoven an absolute favourite for audiences and performers alike. Located in Eindhoven city centre, it offers all the benefits of a modern, state-of-the-art concert hall. The two auditoriums in the concert hall were constructed according to scientifically derived acoustic engineering techniques provided by the Eindhoven University of Technology. No matter where you sit, the sound is ideal for both chamber and orchestral music. The concert hall itself has thus become one of the best instruments for the musicians performing on its stages.

Visit the website at:

Muziekgebouw Eindhoven is located at:
Heuvelgalerie 140
5611 EE Eindhoven

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