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Emmanuel Séjourné

Emmanuel Séjourné is a percussionist and a composer. Acclaimed by members of the percussion community, his works have been commissioned or recorded by many artists including Bogdan Bacanu, Christoph Sietzen, Alexej Gerassimez, Gary Cook, Ju-Percussion group, Nancy Zeltsman, Marta Klimasara and Katarzyna Mycka.

Simultaneously, Emmanuel Séjourné makes a career as an instrumentalist. His ensemble Noco Music with saxophonist Philippe Geiss was awarded the European Audiovisuel Grand Prix. As a soloist, as well as with the ensemble Accroche-Note, he has performed all over the world and premiered over a hundred pieces of music (Donatoni, Manoury, Fedele, Hurel…) including concertos, chamber music and solos.

Eager to share and communicate his passion, Emmanuel Séjourné is also Head Teacher of Percussion Department at the Strasbourg Academy of Music/ Conservatory. His Master Classes are extremely sucessful in all major music conservatories in Europe, Asia and the USA.