Nikolay Ivanov


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Nikolay Ivanov

  • studied at the CRR Conservatoire Maurice-Ravel in Paris with Jean-Baptiste Leclère, among others and at the CRR Saint-Maur-des-Fossés conservatory; currently at the Geneva University of Music with Christophe Delannoy, Philippe Spiesser, François Desforges, Claude Gastaldin
  • 3rd prize (2014) & 1st prize (2012) International Percussion Competition, Timișoara, Romania; 1st prize International Youth Music Competition “Hopes, Talents, Masters’ Dobrich, Bulgaria (2010, 2008, 2007); 1st prize International Competition for percussion instruments - PENDIM, Plovdiv, Bulgaria (2009); 1st prize Music and Earth International Competition, Sofia, Bulgaria (2009) among others
  • performs with Percussion ensemble Accent in Bulgaria, Germany and France

1st Round:
Saturday 10 November
15.45 -16.05
Iannis Xenakis - Rebonds B
Philippe Hurel - Loops II

2nd Round:
Monday 12 November
12.20 - 12.30
Jan Bus - Solitude

Semi Finals:
Kevin Volans - She Who Sleeps with a Small Blanket
Mayke Nas - Cinderella
Bruno Mantovani - Moi, Jeu...
Pierre Jodlowski - Time and money part 1
Johann Sebastian Bach - Suite for lute in e minor - allemande and gigue