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General information and historical background of TROMP Percussion.

Meet & share with top musicians (from) all over the world!
Discover upcoming talents at the TROMP international percussion competition and experience today's leading artists at the TROMP Percussion Eindhoven festival.

Dr. Ir. Theo Tromp founded the Tromp Biennial in Eindhoven in 1970 because he felt young people had too few opportunities. Over fifty years later the TROMP International Percussion Competition has become the leading competition for solo percussion in the world, the ideals of its founder close at heart, creating opportunities and a stage for young percussionists from around the world.

TROMP also invests in new audiences and repertoire for percussion. Every edition, compositions are commissioned to leading composers and new audiences are invited to visit the festival. TROMP provides master classes in solo percussion repertoire with members of the jury and laureates for potential candidates in Boston, Shanghai, Moscow and Tokyo during the Repertoire Days, previous to the competition.

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The festival happens simultaneously to the competition in Muziekgebouw Eindhoven and various locations throughout the city. It offers young talent the chance to meet with and perform alongside internationally known percussionists. Showing various manifestations of percussion, leading artists perform in unique line-ups and crossovers, from classical to dance and pop music. The past editions featured artists like Glenn KotcheJeff MillsNOISIAHan BenninkGary BurtonStewart CopelandPete LockettKeith CarlockLes Tambours du Bronx and Slagwerk Den Haag.

TROMP laureates are also invited to perform in the festival as solo artists or with their ensembles, special projects or alongside laureates of other competitions or even world famous musicians. Alexandre Esperet performed with his Trio SR9 alongside the New York percussion ensemble Sõ PercussionDominique Vleeshouwers performed with his project Playground and has devoloped the spectecular show Marching and Breakin' for TROMP.

The festival ends with the TROMP Finale as a festive and exciting concert with the announcements of the competition winners. Finalists and laureates perform with renowned ensembles like Asko|Schönberg.



TROMP invites talented percussionists around the world to apply for the competition, not just to compete for trophies but to meet as colleagues. The TROMP competition is praised by participants for the relaxed atmosphere in which close friendships and special collaborations are forged.

"Exchanging our ideas and sharing our music was just so inspiring and amazing!”

Maiko Hosada (Japan), participant TROMP Competition

 Investing in the future careers of the winners, TROMP provides various concert engagements in internationally acclaimed concert halls and fes- tivals, both solo and with prestigious international ensembles. Among the laureates of TROMP are renowned musicians like Claire Edwardes (Australia), Kai Strobel (Germany) and Agostinho Sequeira (Portugal). All winners have proven to be excellent musicians, with emerging careers.

TROMPs membership of the very selective World Federation of International Music Competitions (WFIMC), which is only on invitation, reflects a global recognition: "The level of professional development for the careers of the most talented young percussionists by TROMP is highly admired by the World Federation of International Music Competitions. "



TROMP Percussion Eindhoven has a renumeration policy that is in accordance with the Dutch national guidelines for fair pay in the cultural sector. All wages and honoraria are in line with the collective labour agreement for performing arts (CAO Nederlandse podia). TROMP follows the principles of flexicurity for the self-employed. The fair practice code takes precedence over the size and number of TROMP activities.

The principles of fair practice are also embedded into the rules and regulations of the TROMP Competition, in order to make participation attainable for the financially challenged. TROMP arranges a place to stay, covers all meals and reimburses travel costs to Eindhoven up to a maximum of €800,- for all of those selected for the competition. Prize winners enjoy the aid of TROMP in setting up and pursuing a career: aside from the prizes won, TROMP is a supporting partner in negotiating fair payment with bookers and in ensuring this financially. 


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