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The history of TROMP Percussion.
Theo Tromp

TROMP festival is organized by a foundation created in memory of its namesake Theo Tromp (1903-1984), a prominent Eindhoven businessman and strong advocate of culture. Through his legacy and the generous support of the city of Eindhoven, the festival with its competition have become an event with international allure. Among the competition's laureates are distinguished musicians like percussionists Claire Edwardes (Australia), Yi-Ping Yang (Taiwan) and Alexej Gerassimez (Germany). All prize-winners have proven themselves to be excellent musicians, with budding international careers. Jury-members of the past have included Evelyn GlennieColin CurriePeter SadloNancy ZeltsmanEmmanuel SéjournéBill CahnJames WoodAnders LoguinAndre PushkarevTrilok Gurtu and Terry Bozzio.

Since 1971, TROMP has held almost 30 competitions during which it has had the honour of welcoming many highly talented participants. Prizewinners of the contest include violinist Emmy Verhey (1971), pianist Bart van de Roer (1996), percussionist Claire Edwardes (2000), the Quatuor Amedeo Modigliani (2004), percussionist Yi-Ping Yang (2006), the Heath Quartet (2008), percussionist Alexej Gerassimez (2010) and percussionist Alexandre Esperet (2012). All prizewinners have proven themselves to be excellent musicians with international careers. As of 2012, the TROMP competition has solely focused on percussion.

TROMP is a member of the World Federation of International Music Competitions.