14 Nov 2020
Playground - Last Night the DJ Saved My Life

Playground - Last Night the DJ Saved My Life



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Sit back, relax and enjoy magical world rhythms influenced by classical, techno and progressive pop. In collaboration with Tromp Biennale, a varied evening has been put together in which hypnotic visuals also have a leading role.

Playgrond presents: World of Rhythm - Last Night the DJ Saved My Life.
A collective of Dominique Vleeshouwers, Albert van Abbe, Davis West, Benjamin Geyer and Arend Bruijn.

The initiators of this new project, including the Playground collective, are inspired by the cross-border music of dance music legend Carl Craig. Playground is looking for cross-connections between a club night and a live concert experience. Their Parallel Continuum - A symphonic techno suite sounds like a cinematic crossover between electronic and classical music.

Core member is TROMP winner percussionist Dominique Vleeshouwers who also received the prestigious Dutch Music Prize this year. In the past Vleeshouwers already played percussion compositions by Joey Roukens, Wim Henderickx and James McMillan. Tonight he will play solo compositions for percussion and electronics, including those by Daniel Wohl.

Invited as special guests are violinist and electronics wizard Davis West and keyboardist Benjamin Geyer (Flying Cakes / Mononoke). Two Berlin musicians who interweave jazz and electronics in a refreshing way. In addition, there will be a performance by Albert van Abbe who has already played in all kinds of hotspots: from the Berlin techno temple Berghain to a festival like Awakenings. At the beginning of this year, Van Abbe surprised with his penetrating installation Oma in the Willem Twee art space.

Playground - Last Night the DJ Saved My Life

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