Selected participants TROMP 2020 are announced

The jury selected 30 young percussion talents from all over the world to participate in TROMP 2020.

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The jury selected 30 young percussion talent from all over the world to participate in TROMP 2020. In total 22 men and 8 women are granted a spot in first round.

The members of the jury are Arnold Marinissen (Netherlands, chairman), Michael Burritt (USA), Alexandre Esperet (France), Momoko Kamiya (Japan), Mark Pekarsky (Russia), Ruwen Yang (China), and Yi-Ping Yang (Taiwan/France). 


The selection for participation was done anonymously and concluded the following talents to participate in TROMP 2020:
Daniel Bolba
Diego Casado
Yi Chen
Cédric Gyger
Nozomi Hiwatashi
Noel Holloway
Meng-Fu Hsieh
Yao-Te Hsieh
Jiyeon Kim
Tamara Kurkiewicz
Ti-Hsien Lai
Anja Lavrenčič
Ching-Yun Lin
Ling Lu
Aya Masui
Loïc Morin
Damian Oleksiak
Tom Pritchard
Jaouen Rudolf
Agostinho Sequeira
Guillem Serrano
Natsumi Shimada
Shingo Takase
Sebastian Wielandt
Daan Wilms
Yuan Xia
Oliver Xu
Yinzhi Yang
Fabian Ziegler

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