TROMP Presents: Agostinho Sequeira in concert with Mallet Collective in Eindhoven on Nov 25, 2021

TROMP 2020 winner Agostinho Sequeira will perform with the Mallet Collective in Muziekgebouw Eindhoven on November 25 in a lunch-break concert.

Mallet Collective has asked Agostinho Sequeira to join the stage to play their fantastic program entitled 'Grooves and Patterns'.

The following works will be performed:

  • Steve Reich - Mallet Quartet (2009)
  • Sarah Neutkens - Redshift - Mallet Collective re-imagine (2021)*
  • David Six - Mallet Quartet no. 1 (2021)*
  • Marc Mellits - Gravity (2013)

* written for and commissioned by Mallet Collective

Mallet Collective ft. Agostinho Sequeira, TROMP 2020 1st Prize Winner:
Agostinho Sequiera - marimba / vibraphone
Maikel Claessens - marimba / vibraphone
Georgi Tsenov - marimba / vibraphone
Ramon Lormans - marimba / vibraphone & lead


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