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TROMP 2022

10 - 20 November 2022

Prizes and winners

1st Prize, € 15.000: Gabriel Michaud (France)
2nd Prize, € 10.000: Cheuk Hin Keith Ng (Hong Kong)
3rd Prize, € 7.000: Xiaohui Chen (China)

Willem Vos Award, for the best performance of a composition by a composer from the Netherlands, € 500: Xiaohui Chen

Friends of TROMP audience award, € 3.000: Gabriel Michaud

Jan Pustjens Press Prize, € 2.000: Gabriel Michaud
Awarded by: René van Peer (jury chairman, Eindhovens Dagblad), Ton Maas (de Volkskrant), and Erk Willemsen (Slagwerkkrant)

'De Annelie', prize of the youth jury, made available by the Friends of TROMP, € 1.000: Aaron Grünwald (Germany)

Composition Competition, € 1,500: Lai Keng Lam of the Royal Conservatory in The Hague for her composition 9election
Awarded by: Davo van Peursen (jury chairman, Donemus Publishing), Janco Verduin (composer), and Bert Palinckx (November Music)


Arnold Marinissen (chairman of the jury, The Netherlands)
Michael Burritt (USA)
Emil Kuyumcuyan (Turkiye)
Bart Quartier (Belgium)
Emmanuel Séjourné (France)
Zhou Xiong (China)
Yi-Ping Yang (Taiwan)