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Ruwen Yang

Ruwen Yang is a professor at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Master Supervisor and Deputy Director of the Department of Modern Instruments and Percussion. In his leadership role he has made major contributions in subject and teaching materials development, as well as discovery and education of talent. He is renowned for being at the forefront of percussion education with his scientific and precise teaching method. Prof. Yang’s students have won more than 30 international and over 40 national awards, putting mainland Chinese percussionists on the map both in China and overseas. 

As a performer, Ruwen Yang plays both Chinese traditional, Western classical and modern percussion works. In addition, he has commissioned numerous contemporary compositions. He has collaborated with artists and ensembles including Wenzhong Chou, Quincy Jones, Luc Besson, L’Orchestre National de France, and Berlin Modern Opera. He was the judge of The Fourth and Fifth World Marimba Competitions, International Great Chinese Marimba Competition (Taiwan, 2011), The Third and Fourth Greek International Youth Solo Percussion Competitions, and Singapore Chinese International Percussion Competition.

In addition, Prof Yang appears on films and CD recordings including The BanquetShaolin TempleSister DrumFirst Emperor of QinLei Feng TowerParamitaSomething the Lord MadeHomeXing Cao, and was interviewed by television, radio, newspapers and magazines around the world. Prof. Ruwen Yang, whose shows always cause great sensation all over the world, is said to be an “exceptional world-class percussionist”.